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Sips & Kicks is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping all children get the fruits and vegetables they need. We blend fresh, made-to-order smoothies to all school children…and we make them delicious!

Our goal is to provide children with a healthy nutritional foundation and encourage them to inspire others in their community.

Our Sips & Kicks Soccer Trainers coordinate with school’s Physical Education Teachers to stimulate vigorous play via soccer training throughout the school day.

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    Smoothies Made Fresh

    Fresh, healthy fruit and vegetable smoothies

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    Fun, vigorous play

    led by professional soccer instructors — coordinated through schools and available throughout the school day

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    A growing network of schools

     — in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, and Georgia.

12 million US children live in poverty, and every day, millions of kids don’t get enough to eat — or the choices they’re given lack the quality and nutrients they need to thrive. Even fewer have access to consistent play and exercise.

Here’s how we’re working to change that >>


What people are saying about Sips & Kicks

Last summer we had Sips & Kicks at our camp, their Healthy Smoothies were the perfect end to a rigorous day of Soccer training with the NY Red Bulls.  Not only were the smoothies fantastic, the  professionalism of Sips & Kicks was incredible and they were fantastic to work with. …

Michael Childs


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