An Evening with Friends to Support Sleepaway Camp Experience

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Benefits of Vitamin D in Performance and Immunity

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Nutrition for Soccer Players: Injury Prevention

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Benefits of Eating Seasonally: Winter

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Salted Caramel Apple Smoothie

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The Top Food Additives to Look Out For

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How to Shop and Eat Seasonally on a Budget

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How to Calculate Your Daily Water Requirement

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Simple and Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids

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The Best Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

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The Best Post Practice & Game Snacks for Kids

Simple, healthy and allergy friendly post game snacks for kids that you can make at home.

Healthy Highlight: Beets

Beets are a super versatile veggie full of essential nutrients such as Vitamin C, Folate, Iron, Manganese, Potassium and are an amazing source of fiber.

The Absolute Best Beet & Berry Smoothie

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Every Save Makes A Difference

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Spring 2019 DC United

Great trip to DC!!! Looking forward to bringing Sips & Kicks to the school children in the DC area

Sips & Kicks invited to speak at Career Day

Sips & Kicks invited to speak at Career Day @ I.S.145Q The Joseph Pulitzer School Great Day speaking to students at …Read More

Chicago Convention

Amazing time learning and sharing best practices with so many great coaches from around the world!

Sips and Kicks Presents: “Kits for Kids” Fundraising Program

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Sips & Kicks First Annual Fundraising Event

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Celebrating soccer

Celebrating soccer with the famous PSG Academy NY/PSG – Paris Saint-Germain! Everyone enjoying our PSG smoothies.

Two fathers from Tenafly make free smoothies to give access to healthy foods at Englewood school

ENGLEWOOD — Two Tenafly dads hoping to increase access to healthy food for low income children are offering free smoothies …Read More

Freshly blended smoothies for AfterCare at the Academy of Our Lady of Mount Carmel!

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Two Tenafly Dads Keep Kids Healthy With Smoothies

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