How to Shop and Eat Seasonally on a Budget

Building food confidence is the foundation of our nutrition program at Sips and Kicks. 

During these uncertain times, we are hyper focused on supporting you in making healthy decisions while at home and when grocery shopping.

When finances are tight, buying groceries can be a stressful task, especially when trying to feed an entire family. To alleviate some of that stress we would like to introduce a concept known as eating seasonally.

What is eating seasonally?

This means eating fruits and vegetables that are in their prime during a specific season. For example, when you think of fall, pumpkin and apples may come to mind. When summer rolls around, you may think of crisp watermelon and bright colored berries. 

Doing this will support you in saving some money by having to spend less on groceries. 

How does it save money?

Because when fruits and veggies are picked during their peak season, there is a higher yield. More availability equals lower cost. 

Eating seasonally will also help you improve your nutrition. 

How does eating seasonally help improve my health?

Produce picked during peak season contains more vitamins and minerals and tastes better! So not only are you saving money, you’re improving your health as well. 

A great example is actually the season we are currently in, fall. Fall is typically when flu and cold season begins and coincidentally is also when foods with the highest Vitamin C concentrations are ripe for the picking such as bell peppers and broccoli. Vitamin C is touted for its ability to strengthen the immune system, supporting you in staving off colds, the flu and now covid-19. 

There is also less pesticide exposure when eating seasonally because the fruits and vegetables require less pesticides and preservatives to remain fresh until they are purchased in a store. 

Where can I find a list of seasonal fruits and vegetables?

Glad you asked!

Simply review our list below and click to download onto your smartphone or other device.

Click the image to download

Food confidence means being clear on what allows your body to thrive and knowing where to locate foods that support that goal. Even in times of uncertainty, your health should always be a priority.

For more information on eating seasonally and available support, please visit the USDA’s website here.

Ready to start seasonal eating today?!

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